Commercial Cleaning Franchise Support

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    Become Part of the Enviro-Master® Family

    When you franchise with Enviro-Master®, we assure you that you’re never alone. From the moment you join us, you become part of our family, and you can be assured that we’ll be right there with you to help get your commercial cleaning business up and running!

    We’re going to do everything we can to help you succeed — from day one!

    Learn more here about some of the specific ways we’ll support you as an Enviro-Master® franchise owner.

    We’ll Generate Sales Leads for Your Franchise Territory

    • You don’t have to do all the talking, we love helping you find potential clients.
    • We’ll generate sales leads through our digital marketing partners and inside sales department.
    • Our inside sales team can make outbound calls to prospects, setting in-person sales appointments for you and your sales team each week.

    You’ll get a Personal Business Coach

    • At closing, you are assigned a personal business coach to assist you through each phase of growing your franchise.

    We’ll Help You Do Business with National Accounts

    • We have a dedicated national accounts sales team that works with you.
    • Work with top brands in booming industries like food service, retail, trucking, distribution services, and many more.

    Administrative Support

    • For a fraction of the cost that it would take you to hire people to run a typical service business operation, we’ll handle a lot of the details for you.
    • Enviro-Master® handles the costly and time-consuming duties of accounts receivable work, IT software support, and purchasing.
    • What’s that leave you to do? Building your business of course!

    Field Sales Support

    We provide detailed sales training support for you and your team.
    • Learn how to use our various sales tools and resources to grow your business.
    • Send your sales team through our proprietary “sales boot camp.”
    • Enroll your sales team in the Sales Management Program to keep them motivated, accountable, and successful.

    Field Operations Support

    We provide in-person field support and training for you, your operation managers, and your technicians.
    • Access our Learning Management System and Podcasts for on-the-go resources and continuous education.

    We Bring Everyone Together

    It’s Like a Big Family Gathering

    At Enviro-Master® you’re never alone. Just ask anyone at our Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters! They’ll tell you how we strive to create a people-first culture where everyone thrives.

    Together, we ensure a collaborative and positive workplace environment. Demonstrating exemplary customer service for all our franchisees. So that they can achieve 5X growth in 5 years.


    • Annual National Franchise Conference 
    • Annual Regional meetings
    • Introduction of new products and services
    • Even more training at the conference and regional meetings
    • Networking with other franchise owners 
    • We celebrate the many success stories of our franchise owners and their teams!
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