A Non-Capital-Intensive, Scalable, Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

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    Why does the commercial cleaning industry continue to grow?

    Why does the commercial cleaning industry
    continue to grow?

    As American business grows, so too does the need for the specialty products and services we offer at Enviro-Master®. The more facilities that are built, the more facilities that need to be meticulously cleaned and sanitized.

    It’s simple supply and demand. And it’s ripe with opportunity for people seeking to own their own business!

    Major industry drivers of the commercial cleaning market include:

    • A growing consumer shift towards the need for cleaning services since 2020
    • Major advances in cleaning equipment
    • Growing preference by business owners in most industries for the outsourcing of cleaning services
    • Increasing demand for sustainable cleaning solutions
    • A growing market for integrated facilities management
    • Ongoing construction of commercial buildings

    What commercial cleaning franchise services would my franchise company offer?

    Enviro-Master® Franchise owners will benefit from the multiple revenue stream opportunities we offer our clients.
    Our top commercial cleaning services include:

    ‘Sani’ Restroom & Hygiene Service

    This begins with an initial deep cleaning of the restroom porcelain and chrome fixtures. Followed with weekly sanitizing, disinfecting, and application of germ-preventing products to continuously treat and protect. Typically applied to fixtures in commercial restrooms, kitchens, and employee break rooms.

    Refresh Power Washing Service

    Monthly indoor and outdoor power washing that retracts the water and cleaning agents used. Enhances aesthetic appeal and reduces areas of liability for commercial business owners. Commonly used in large commercial kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, sidewalks, patios, dumpsters, and parking lots.


    RPM Window Cleaning Service

    Restore, Protect, and Maintain commercial windows. Initial deep cleaning provided to Restore the exterior and interior glass. Application of a unique bonding agent to provide a Protective barrier. Periodically Maintain the glass by cleaning and re-applying the bonding agent to keep windows looking like new.


    ‘Scrub’ Tile and Grout Service

    Monthly deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of commercial floors and hard surfaces. Services are most often required for commercial restroom floors, stalls, tile walls, and small-area kitchens.


    Drain Line Management

    Weekly application of a foaming disinfectant formula to eliminate bacteria and odors at the source. Used in floor drains commonly found in commercial kitchens, bars, and restrooms.


    Paper Management Services

    Installation of Enviro-Master® proprietary paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. Restock and provide proprietary inventory for dispensers on a weekly basis.



    Feminine Sanitary Disposal Management

    Installation of Pod Petite™ modular containers. Restock and provide inventory for containers weekly.



    Micro-Fiber Mopping Service

    Weekly micro-fiber mopping to keep floors pristine in between the monthly ‘Scrub’ Services.



    Virus Vaporizer ™ Service

    Weekly application of hospital-grade disinfectant to all surfaces using an electromagnetic sprayer. FDA-approved for use in Food & Beverage settings.

    Scientific Approach Meets
    Proven Business Model


    There’s a lot that sets Enviro-Master® apart from other commercial cleaning franchise opportunity companies. To begin with, we take an evidence-based approach to bacterial reduction and safety.

    World-renowned Microbiologist and Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Charles P. Gerba, studied the efficacy and longevity of our commercial services and summarized them this way:

    Enviro-Master® “Sani Service’ reduces bacteria from 95 to over 99%

    Surfaces remain at 90% reduction in bacteria for 7 days following a treatment

    Dr. Gerba found that our services were effective in killing 47 known viruses

    The Seven Unique Fundamentals For our Franchise Opportunity

    When we combined the science with what we call “The Seven Unique Fundamentals” of our business model, it was clear we’d found a model that could be repeated, trained, and supported.

    1. Recurring revenue

    The services we provide are consistently needed to ensure the elimination of germs, bacteria, viruses, and odors. This provides our franchise owners with recurring revenue.

    2. Recession-resistant

    Our business model has survived several decades through downed economies and the pandemic. Having a recession-resistant business model is imperative to building long-lasting wealth.

    3. Highly scalable

    With thousands of potential customers in each territory, the Enviro-Master® model is highly scalable because franchise owners will always have the opportunity to grow their businesses.

    4. Multiple revenue streams

    As shown above, Enviro-Master® franchise owners have many services they can offer their customers. Multiple revenue streams allow our franchise owners to service more customers, maximize revenue with each account, and maintain long-lasting relationships.

    5. Large, identifiable potential target market

    Enviro-Master® can provide services to any business that’s not home-based. If the commercial business has a restroom, a breakroom, or a storefront, they can be our clients. A large, identifiable potential target market is helpful when building and scaling a business.

    6. Cannot be displaced by tech or automation

    Our services require precision, customization, and sometimes elbow grease. Therefore, our services cannot be displaced by technology or automation.

    7. Non-capital-intensive

    Unlike many brick-and-mortar franchises, our business model doesn’t require additional “rooftops” or significant investments to scale, making the business model non-capital-intensive.

    There Are More Reasons Than Seven to Purchase an Enviro-Master® Franchise

    Executive Model

    Owning a standard Enviro-Master® franchise means you are a true executive; your main role is to oversee the local business development, staff, and company culture.

    Minimal Competition

    Our specialized cleaning and sanitizing services are not provided by typical janitorial staff or internal cleaning processes. Therefore, there’s very little competition.

    Franchise Support

    Our franchise support is second to none. When you franchise with Enviro-Master®, we assure you that you’re never alone. Learn more about our dedicated level of support.

    Our Ideal Franchisee

    Enviro-Master®  franchise owners are known in the commercial cleaning industry:

    • Proven Leaders 
    • Professional
    • Confident
    • Hard Working
    • Reliable 
    • Friendly
    • Great Communicators

    Does this sound like you?

    Now might be the time to take the next big step toward an investment in your future.

    Investment and Revenue Potential

    Be a part of one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the US according to Inc. Magazine.

    From best-in-class, commercial-grade cleaning products to a variety of highly-specialized and award-winning cleaning services, Enviro-Master® offers multiple revenue streams that allow you to build your business fast!

    Individual Operator

    Total Investment
    $96,260 to $220,260

    Minimum Liquid Capital

    (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for
    specifics on startup costs.)

    Standard Franchise 

    Total Investment
    $265,060 to $529,060

    Minimum Liquid Capital

    (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for
    specifics on startup costs.)

    Average Gross Revenues

    Of Standard Franchisees
    in 2022:


    (Refer to our FDD Item 19 for
    more details on historical revenue
    for our standard franchise.)

    We Look forward to seeing you soon!