Why You Should Invest in This Cleaning Business Franchise?

21 - 09 - 2023
Carson Suppé

Join the booming $342 billion cleaning industry with an Enviro-Master® franchise, offering unique services, comprehensive support, and a focus on health and hygiene.

Key Points

  • Thriving Industry: The contract cleaning services sector is booming, reaching nearly $342 billion.
  • Evidence-Based Approach: Enviro-Master® uses proven methods to reduce disease transmission.
  • Exclusive Services: Offers unique services like the “Virus Vaporizer” not found elsewhere.
  • Focus on Germs: Aims to eliminate up to 95% of pathogens, ensuring deep cleanliness.
  • Large Client Base: Rapid growth with a broad market for franchisees to explore.
  • Personalized Support: Provides individual coaching and ongoing assistance for business operations.
  • Potential for Growth: Opportunity for generational wealth and scalability in a recession-resistant business.

The contract cleaning services (Cleaning Business Franchise) sector isn’t just growing—it’s flourishing. With a market size nearing a staggering $342 Billion, it’s clear that this industry is more than just a trend. This robust growth presents a golden opportunity for driven entrepreneurs eager to break into the world of commercial cleaning services.

Our modern world demands pristine environments like restaurants, car dealerships, offices, gyms, and other establishments. The constant need ensures that the cleaning business remains a stable and profitable venture, even in challenging economic times.

Choosing the Enviro-Master® franchise is choosing success. Not only will you be backed by the unparalleled support of a renowned commercial cleaning franchise brand, but you’ll also have the liberty to shape and drive the business according to your vision.

So, why wait? Discover below the benefits and potential of investing in the Enviro-Master® franchise cleaning business today.

Why Enviro-Master® Stands Out in the Commercial Cleaning Business Franchises?

Enviro-Master® is not merely a cleaning service; it’s a dedication to promoting clean, hygienic workspaces that prioritize employees’ and customers’ health and safety.

  • Evidence-Based Approach 

Enviro-Master® is backed by studies demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing infectious disease transmission among individuals. The evidence-based methodology helps build client trust and offers a measurable impact. 

  • Exclusive Services 

Our offerings extend beyond general janitorial services and carpet cleaning. With state-of-the-art cleaning products and specialized services like their trademarked “Virus Vaporizer,” the franchise business caters to niches that other commercial cleaning franchises might not address.

  • Focus on Removal of Germs 

Unlike some competitors who might focus on surface-level cleaning, we’re obsessed with eradicating germs. Our mission is to eliminate up to 95% of pathogens. Our commitment to thorough sanitization and hygiene sets us apart in the market.

  • Large Client Base

Enviro-Master® is growing rapidly, substantially increasing its clientele. The franchise business caters to a vast and identifiable client base, ensuring franchisees have a broad market to tap into. 

  • Personalized Support at Every Stage

Joining Enviro-Master® is embarking on a partnership. After you sign the agreement, we assign you a personal business coach who’ll walk you through our proven business strategies. On-going support for sales and operations is another facet of our franchise model. 

  • Unique Market Position 

In many regions, Enviro-Master® faces little to no competition. Technology cannot easily replicate or replace the brand’s services, providing a stable and enduring business model.

Potential for Generational Wealth with the Enviro-Master® Franchise

Over the years, we have built a reputation and are renowned for our high-quality work and professionalism. Investing in our franchise means continuing a legacy where your business gets backed with the expertise we have gathered over decades of experience.

  • Aligning with a Noble Cause

Investing in an Enviro-Master® business franchise directly reduces the spread of infectious diseases. It is about healthier communities and a safer world. Each service rendered means fewer germs, leading to healthier environments. 

  • Recession-Resistant Investment

Enviro-Master®’s business model is designed to withstand economic downturns. Cleanliness and hygiene are perennial needs, and during challenging economic times, the demand for reliable sanitation services can even increase. The resilience makes the franchise a stable and attractive investment option.

  • Building a Legacy with Scalability 

The beauty of the Enviro-Master® model lies in its scalability. As the sanitation industry grows, your franchise can seamlessly expand without increasing fixed or overhead costs, laying the foundation for potential generational wealth and exponential profit growth.

Flexible Management with Digital Connectivity

Managing a business remotely is a strategic advantage in today’s digital age. Enviro-Master®’s forward-thinking approach enables franchisees to oversee their operations anywhere with an internet connection. 

  • Strong Company Culture 

We believe that the ethos of a company plays a significant role in its longevity. Enviro-Master® fosters a family-oriented, transparent, and hard-working culture that aligns you with values prioritizing the business’s success and its positive impact on society.

Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey With Us  

Being an entrepreneur does not mean you should start from scratch. If you have the zeal and passion to deliver outstanding services to the customers’ satisfaction, join hands with Enviro-Master®.

Our franchise specialists help you navigate your entrepreneurial path with a tried-and-tested method that has ensured success for many before you. From training to ongoing guidance, we’re here every step of the way.

Leverage our established name and credibility in the cleaning industry to benefit from the trust we have built over the years. Do more than dream about business success. Make it a reality with Enviro-Master®. To learn more about our franchise model, call us at 704-755-5356 or fill out this detailed inquiry form. All your details remain confidential and are only used for business-related purposes.


1. What makes the Enviro-Master® franchise a standout choice in the commercial cleaning industry?

Enviro-Master® differentiates itself with an evidence-based approach to reducing disease transmission, offering exclusive services such as the “Virus Vaporizer” that targets up to 95% of pathogens for elimination. This focus on health and hygiene, combined with a robust client base and personalized support for franchisees, positions Enviro-Master® as a leader in promoting clean, safe environments.

2. How does Enviro-Master® support its franchisees to ensure their success?

Enviro-Master® provides unparalleled support to its franchisees, including individual coaching, ongoing assistance with business operations, and a partnership that extends throughout the entrepreneurial journey. This personalized support system is designed to guide franchisees through proven business strategies, helping them achieve and exceed their business goals.

3. What are the unique services offered by Enviro-Master® that contribute to its success?

Beyond traditional cleaning services, Enviro-Master® specializes in innovative cleaning solutions, including the proprietary “Virus Vaporizer” service. This unique offering, focused on germ and pathogen elimination, ensures deep cleanliness and sets Enviro-Master® apart in the market, catering to a niche that is not addressed by other commercial cleaning franchises.

4. What potential does an Enviro-Master® franchise offer to prospective franchisees?

An Enviro-Master® franchise presents a lucrative opportunity for building generational wealth and scalability in a recession-resistant business. The cleaning industry’s growth, combined with Enviro-Master®’s unique market position and support system, offers a stable and attractive investment option that can expand without significantly increasing fixed costs.

5. How does Enviro-Master®’s business model ensure long-term success for its franchisees?

Enviro-Master®’s business model is designed to thrive in any economic climate, emphasizing the perennial need for cleanliness and hygiene. With a large and rapidly growing client base, evidence-based cleaning methods, and a focus on unique and specialized services, Enviro-Master® ensures franchisees have a stable, profitable venture with the potential for significant growth and expansion.

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