How to Buy a Franchise and Invest in Enviro-Master

29 - 11 - 2023
Carson Suppé

Discover the transformative potential of an Enviro-Master franchise in the rapidly growing commercial cleaning industry, offering extensive support and unique services for entrepreneurial success.

Key Points

  • Industry Growth: The cleaning services market is booming, expected to reach USD $276 billion by 2028, with commercial cleaning holding a significant share.
  • Global Success: Enviro-Master has over 106 locations worldwide, with sales surpassing $95 million in 2022.
  • Unique Services: Offers diverse services like the ‘Sani’ Restroom & Hygiene Service and the Virus Vaporizer™ Service.
  • Support System: Enviro-Master provides comprehensive support in lead generation, client acquisition, and administrative tasks.
  • Training Programs: Extensive training and ongoing support ensure franchisees deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Community Integration: Franchisees join a community of entrepreneurs with opportunities for networking and learning.
  • Recession-Resistant: The commercial cleaning industry has proven to be resilient, even in economic downturns.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the business world, buy a franchise can be a transformative step towards success.

This guide is designed to navigate you through the process of buying a franchise, with a special focus on Enviro-Master, one of the leaders in the commercial cleaning industry. 

Join the ranks of over 80 successful business owners who have propelled Enviro-Master’s global sales to surpass $95 million in 2022 alone. Discover how you can be part of this thriving enterprise.

Why a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

  • The cleaning services market was valued at USD $168.34 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD $276 billion by 2028.
  • Commercial spaces like office buildings account for up to 31% of cleaning contracts.
  • Franchise cleaning companies contribute around 10% of the industry’s total revenues.

Enviro-Master: Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning

Enviro-Master, established by Pat Swisher in 2009, is an award-winning franchise that has revolutionized hygiene and cleanliness standards in business environments. 

Expanding rapidly to over 106 locations, Enviro-Master goes beyond traditional janitorial services by offering comprehensive cleaning solutions, including advanced disinfection processes, products, and specialized equipment, exclusively through its franchise network.

Diverse Services Offered by Enviro-Master Franchises

As an Enviro-Master franchise owner, you’ll have access to multiple revenue streams, including:

  • ‘SANI’ Restroom & Hygiene Service: Deep, restorative cleaning that eliminates years of built-up contaminants, along with weekly,  meticulous cleaning and detailing processes that use sanitizing and germ-repelling products on porcelain, metal, and granite fixtures. Sani Service can also be provided in break rooms and kitchens.
  • Refresh Power Washing Service: Periodic power washing services for indoor and outdoor commercial spaces.
  • RPM Window Cleaning Service: Comprehensive window cleaning to restore, protect, and maintain glass surfaces.
  • ‘SCRUB’ Tile and Grout Service: Monthly deep cleaning of commercial tile and grout floors.
  • Drain Line Management: Weekly application of a foaming disinfectant for commercial drains.
  • Paper Management Services: Installation, restocking, and inventory management of proprietary paper towel, toilet paper dispensers, and paper products.
  • Feminine Sanitary Disposal Management: Installation, disposal, and weekly restocking of Sani Pod™ containers.
  • Microfiber Mopping Service: Microfiber mopping service that compliments monthly “SCRUB” service to outshine the typical mop-and-bucket.
  • Virus Vaporizer™ Service: Weekly application of a hospital-grade disinfectant using an electromagnetic sprayer – kills 95-99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Why is Enviro-Master a Smart Choice for Franchise Investments?

Assistance in Lead Generation and Client Acquisition

Enviro-Master provides unparalleled support in expanding your business reach. As a franchise owner, you gain access to an established clientele network. The brand’s dedicated inside sales department equips you with effective cold-calling strategies, helping you generate leads, set appointments, and secure clients, thereby fostering business growth.

Comprehensive Training for Exceptional Customer Service

At the heart of Enviro-Master’s ethos is customer satisfaction. The franchise offers extensive training programs where a team of experienced consultants imparts crucial customer service skills. This training, coupled with ongoing support from a personal business coach, ensures you are well-versed in the nuances of managing a commercial cleaning service business, with a focus on client happiness.

Administrative Support for Operational Efficiency

Enviro-Master alleviates the burden of administrative tasks by providing a professional corporate team to handle essential functions like Accounts Receivable, IT, and Purchasing. This arrangement allows you more time to focus on strategic business growth, knowing that the day-to-day operational tasks are in capable hands.

Integration into a Thriving Community

Being part of Enviro-Master means joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The franchise organizes national and regional conferences, offering a platform for franchise owners to network, share insights, and learn from each other. These gatherings are also opportunities to discover new services and products, receive additional training, and celebrate collective achievements.

Recession-Resistant Business Model

The commercial cleaning industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience, especially evident during challenging periods like the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in an Enviro-Master franchise positions you in a sector with strong growth potential, even in fluctuating economic climates.

How to Buy a Franchise Like Enviro-Master

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur with a zeal to run a successful business, investing in an Enviro-Master franchise could be your ideal path. Here’s a streamlined process to help you get started on realizing your business aspirations with Enviro-Master:

Consult with a Financial Planner

Before diving in, it’s wise to assess your financial readiness. While starting an Enviro-Master franchise can be relatively affordable – with fees starting as low as $50,000 for an individual operator – it’s crucial to have a clear financial plan. A discussion with a financial planner can help ensure that you’re well-prepared for this investment.

Explore Available Locations

Enviro-Master offers the flexibility to start your commercial cleaning service in various states. Take the time to explore these options. Research and evaluate different locations to determine the best fit for your business goals. Selecting the right location is a key step in laying a solid foundation for your franchise.

Complete the Franchise Application Form

The journey to becoming an Enviro-Master franchise owner is straightforward. Begin by filling out the franchise application form. This step is your official entry into the process, and our team will promptly respond with all the necessary details to move forward.

Launch Your Business

Once you’ve completed the necessary formalities and paperwork, you’re set to launch your new business. As an Enviro-Master franchise owner, you’ll receive comprehensive support from initial setup to ongoing operations, you’ll have the resources and guidance needed to thrive in your new venture.

Secure Your Future with an Enviro-Master Franchise

Enviro-Master – distinguished as #140 in 2023 as a Top Global Franchise, having made it to the INC. 5000 six times in a row – presents a dependable and promising franchising opportunity.

As of this publication, with 106 franchise locations, Enviro-Master boasts an impressive growth rate of 23.2% over the last three years; the growth of the franchise stands testament to the brand’s strength and the potential many see in the commercial cleaning industry. 

If you are ready to propel your career under a well-established brand, Enviro-Master welcomes you to join as an invaluable franchise owner. Be a part of the thriving business network and fulfill your dream of serving the community.

For more details on how to buy a franchise and the overall costs associated with starting your Enviro-Master journey, fill out this detailed inquiry form. Or get in touch with us at 704-755-5356, and our friendly representatives will address all your queries regarding business franchise opportunities.

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