How much does a cleaning franchise make?

18 - 08 - 2023
Carson Suppé

Explore the lucrative potential of owning a commercial cleaning franchise with Enviro-Master, where growing demand and comprehensive support pave the way for success.

Key Points

  • Growing Industry Demand: The commercial cleaning industry is thriving due to increasing cleanliness and hygiene concerns among businesses and organizations.
  • Profit Potential: Opening a commercial cleaning business franchise now is opportune, with factors like client types and operational models affecting profitability.
  • Success Factors: Client adaptation, operational efficiency, and market demand are crucial for the success of a commercial cleaning business franchise.
  • Enviro-Master’s Edge: Enviro-Master stands out with its specialized services, commitment to hygiene and safety, and a robust support system for franchisees.
  • Financial Performance: Enviro-Master franchises have shown growth in average gross revenue over the years, indicating a positive trend in the industry.
  • Business Model Strengths: Recession resistance, scalability, and a focus on sustainability and technology resistance are key components of Enviro-Master’s successful business model.
  • Franchise Support: Enviro-Master provides comprehensive support including lead generation, digital marketing, and personalized business coaching

In our fast-paced and changing world, cleanliness and hygiene have become a major concern for customers and employees, and the commercial cleaning industry is thriving.

More than ever, businesses and organizations rely on commercial cleaning services to provide clean, germ-free workspaces and environments.

This growing demand means that now is the perfect time to consider opening a commercial cleaning business franchise, and you may ask yourself, How much does a cleaning franchise make?” or Are cleaning franchises profitable?

While it’s difficult to say how much you could make precisely, let’s explore some factors contributing to earning potential and profitability of opening or investing in a commercial cleaning business.

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Industry Factors That Affect the Success of a Commercial Cleaning Business Franchise

Several business tactics contribute to the success of a commercial cleaning franchise business. The following factors can impact the growth and success of your commercial cleaning business franchise.

  • Types of Clients and Services
    As a commercial cleaning service, it is essential to understand your client’s needs. We provide services to varying industries, including restaurants (dine-in and fast-food), convenience stores, fitness centers, retail stores, car dealerships/automotive, entertainment venues, marinas, daycare centers, schools, government buildings, warehouses, and medical facilities. Each client will have different needs depending on their industry. Adapting to those customer-specific needs is crucial to the success of your business.
  • Operational and Revenue Model
    Pricing will vary due to hourly rates and square footage. Prices can also be customized to meet customer needs and requirements. This will include the type and size of the facility, the scope of work, regulations, and the client’s varying needs. Additional revenue streams can be created by offering specialized services and serving niche markets.
  • Managing Expenses Versus Revenue
    Managing expenses and revenue greatly impacts how much a commercial cleaning franchise can make. It’s important to have a system that ensures operating expenses are monitored carefully and does not outweigh revenue. Having an income statement is one way to help visualize this process.
  • Market Size and Demand
    The commercial cleaning industry is a $89-billion market in the U.S. and has grown by around $40 billion between 2011-2022. With growing demand and market size, the profit potential is increasing at a fantastic rate. The market will determine your profit!

What Makes Enviro-Master® Stand Out From The Rest?

Enviro-Master® is not your typical commercial cleaning business. We are an award-winning commercial cleaning, health, and safety company committed to providing your business with the safest and most cost-effective products and services on the market.

Specialized Services

Our highly trained Health and Safety Technicians are equipped to provide solutions for all your commercial cleaning needs. We offer specialized services to professionally clean and sanitize your critical surfaces and touch points.

  • Hygiene-Focused: We prioritize hygiene to promote safe and healthy environments.
  • Electrostatic Spraying: We use electrostatic spraying to effectively cover all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Paper Management: Our Paper Management Program ensures well-stocked supplies of paper products in restrooms and other areas.
  • Committed to Sustainability: We use green cleaning solutions and practice eco-friendly cleaning methods.
  • Weekly Visits: A specialized technician will visit each site weekly to maintain standards.

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Components for Success

Our business model is built around seven core fundamentals that contribute to the success and growth of your business. These fundamentals are key to the success of every Enviro-Master® commercial cleaning business franchise.

  1. Recession resistant.
  2. Scalable business model.
  3. Recurring revenue.
  4. Multiple revenue streams.
  5. Large potential client base.
  6. Little to no competition in each market.
  7. Cannot be displaced by technology.

A Robust Support System Focused on Success

Enviro-Master® has a unique support program seldom found in a commercial cleaning franchise system. We’re here to support you in building strong client relationships, delivering high-quality services, and exceeding customer expectations. Some examples of the support our franchisees receive are:

    • Lead Generation – Our inside sales department will cold-call to help generate leads and set appointments on your behalf.
    • Digital Marketing – Our digital marketing partners will assist in driving traffic to your website.
    • National Accounts – Do business with some of the top brands in the nation.
    • Administrative Support – We handle the support to free you up to build your business.
    • Personal Business Coach – We take the success of your business personally! We’ll assign you a personal business coach when you sign your franchise agreement.
    • Sales and Operations Support – You’ll get all the field and sales support you need to grow your business.
    • “Family Gatherings” – We’re in this together. National and regional meetings where you learn about new products get superior training, network with other franchise owners, and celebrate success!

We Win and Work Together

While the services, components, and support unique to the Enviro-Master® commercial cleaning business franchise help define us, our franchise owners make us special. We are a people-first company dedicated to the success of each franchisee. We help our owners provide excellent customer service and unique services. We ensure that the quality of our work is consistent and that we can continue to build upon our outstanding reputation as the go-to health and safety-focused commercial cleaning business.

A Business Model Committed to Success

The profit potential of any business, including a commercial cleaning franchise, largely depends on how the business is run. It also depends on how adjustments are made in response to the market. It all comes down to your dedication to providing the best quality services and building strong client relationships to support the growth and success of your business.

If you’re ready to join us at Enviro-Master®! You can complete the inquiry form on our website or call 704-755-5356 to learn more.

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final Thoughts About How much does a cleaning franchise make?

Enviro-Master Services franchises have shown a notable increase in average gross revenue over recent years. Here’s a summary of their financial performance:

  1. 2021: The average gross revenue for Enviro-Master franchises in 2021 was $1,259,877, with the median gross revenue at $1,073,907. The highest reported gross revenue among franchises was $4,738,351, while the lowest was $273,542​​. (
  2. 2020: In 2020, the average gross revenue for these franchises was slightly higher at $1,273,671, and the median gross revenue was $1,069,423​​. (
  3. 2019: A significant growth can be observed when comparing to 2019 figures, where the average gross revenue was $839,174, with a median of $754,852​​. (

These numbers indicate a positive trend in revenue growth for Enviro-Master franchises. It’s important to note that these figures represent averages, and individual franchise performance can vary based on a variety of factors such as location, management, and market conditions.


1. What makes the commercial cleaning industry a promising sector for new franchisees?

The commercial cleaning industry is experiencing a surge in demand due to heightened cleanliness and hygiene concerns among businesses and organizations. This growth is fueled by the increasing necessity for clean, germ-free workspaces and environments, making it a lucrative field for entrepreneurs. Enviro-Master, with its specialized services and commitment to hygiene and safety, offers a compelling opportunity in this thriving industry.

2. How does Enviro-Master differentiate itself from other commercial cleaning franchises?

Enviro-Master stands out through its award-winning approach to commercial cleaning, health, and safety. The company offers specialized services, such as electrostatic spraying and a Paper Management Program, ensuring comprehensive sanitation and hygiene. Furthermore, Enviro-Master’s commitment to sustainability, weekly technician visits, and a robust support system for franchisees, including lead generation, digital marketing, and personalized business coaching, set it apart in the market.

3. What are the key success factors for a commercial cleaning business franchise?

Key factors for success in a commercial cleaning business franchise include adapting to client needs across various industries, operational efficiency, and leveraging market demand. Enviro-Master’s business model emphasizes these aspects, alongside recession resistance, scalability, and the integration of technology, to ensure the growth and profitability of its franchises.

4. Can you describe the financial performance and profit potential of an Enviro-Master franchise?

Enviro-Master franchises have demonstrated significant growth in average gross revenue over recent years, indicating strong profit potential in the commercial cleaning industry. While individual performance varies, the trend suggests that franchises can achieve considerable success with effective management and market positioning. The support and business model provided by Enviro-Master contributes to this positive financial trajectory.

5. What support does Enviro-Master offer to its franchisees to ensure their success?

Enviro-Master provides an extensive support system to its franchisees, designed to foster success and growth. This includes lead generation, digital marketing assistance, access to national accounts, administrative support, personal business coaching, and comprehensive sales and operations support. Additionally, Enviro-Master hosts national and regional meetings for franchise owners to learn about new products, receive training, network, and celebrate their achievements.

6. Are cleaning franchises profitable?

Yes, cleaning franchises can be profitable, especially those in the commercial sector. Enviro-Master, for example, shows strong revenue growth due to increasing demand for hygiene services and offers robust support to its franchisees, making it a lucrative investment.

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