This Growing Franchise Makes Starting a Business Look Easy!

16 - 02 - 2024
Carson Suppé

If you’re exploring how to build wealth by starting a business, opting for a franchise might be the most strategic route to entrepreneurial success. However, the growth trajectory of your venture can largely depend on the franchisor you partner with.

The biggest reason people opt for a franchise is that they need a banner of an established brand that offers a ready-to-scale model, support at every step, and access to a proven target market. When choosing a commercial cleaning franchise, you should make sure you are being backed with everything you need to allow for a smooth transition from starting to scaling operations of your business.

Stay tuned as we’ll tell you about a thriving commercial cleaning franchise that’s turning heads and is making it streamlined for zealous entrepreneurs to dive into this recession resistant industry.

About Enviro-Master: From a Humble Beginning to Hygiene Hero

Enviro-Master’s story isn’t a flashy tale of overnight success but rather a steady climb to prominence built on a foundation of genuine need and outstanding execution. Founded in 2009, the company did not emerge from a vacuum, and it arose from proven demand: “that most businesses lacked effective solutions for keeping public and shared restrooms hygienic.”

Instead of chasing the elusive quick buck, like most in the commercial cleaning industry, EM instead focused on repeating the success of its predecessor brand, Swisher Hygiene, which had developed niche expertise in commercial restroom sanitizing services. 

Pat Swisher (founder of Enviro-Master and Swisher Hygiene) pioneered the utilization of EPA-registered germicides and bio-enzyme cleaning agents, tackling the issue of persistent bacterial growth head-on. This science-backed approach resonated with businesses seeking proactive health and safety measures, which proved especially useful in the wake of growing public health concerns.

Today, Enviro-Master operates in 105 franchise locations in North America and serves a significant clientele across the United States. Our vision stretches beyond expansion; we aim to be the standard-bearer for sustainable and effective commercial cleaning that’s far more holistic than regular janitorial services.

An Interesting Fact

Enviro-Master has made it to the list of Inc. 5000 more than six times since 2015 with its continuous innovation and zeal to serve its clients with the best.

The Franchise Advantage

Starting a disinfecting business from scratch only looks easy in the mind. However, partnering with the right franchisor, such as Enviro-Master, can make your business journey smoother. Here are some solid reasons to become a franchise owner with us if you want to make a mark in the commercial cleaning sector.

Established Brand Credibility

Starting your venture under the umbrella of Enviro-Master provides an instant advantage—an established brand name synonymous with excellence in the commercial cleaning sector. Regional and National brands recognize and trust Enviro-Master, laying a solid foundation for franchise owners from day one.

Tested and Scaled Business Models

Enviro-Master does not leave you to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship alone. Instead, our franchise specialists support you with our business models and a system in place to pave the path to profitability.

Franchise owners benefit from our roadmap honed through experience, minimizing the challenges associated with starting a new business.

Expert Training for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Operating a commercial cleaning business requires a skill set that extends beyond industry knowledge. When you join us as a franchise owner, we equip you with comprehensive training programs- which are essential tools for your success.

From operational intricacies to effective client management, franchise owners receive expert guidance, which ensures a smooth transition into entrepreneurship.

Better Returns for Your Investment

Unlike the uncertainty often associated with independent startups, joining the Enviro-Master franchise offers a faster return on investment. 

Many markets benefit from established service agreements in place with blue-chip brands, allowing franchise owners to build a sustainable customer base quickly. Coupled with the efficiency of the recurring  revenue, route-based service model, an expedited path toward financial success is waiting for candidates that can follow the blueprint and are seeking tangible results sooner.

Between 2016 and 2021, Enviro-Master grew its system-wide revenue by over 500%. We are striving to grow another 5X by 2027.”

Our impressive growth trajectory is a clear sign that you can expect excellent returns when you enroll in our franchise program.

Be Your Own Boss and Make a Difference 

Owning an Enviro-Master franchise is not just about financial success, it is about empowerment. You can be your own boss, setting your own schedule and calling the shots. While you get more personal freedom, you also get a chance to build a legacy you can pass on to your generations. 

Every restroom serviced, floor deep cleaned, and every germ eliminated contributes to a healthier, safer environment for your community. It is the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a positive impact in society with your business, and helping contribute to local business owners improving their brand equity.

These Figures Vouch for Why You Should Choose Enviro-Master

  • In 2019, the average gross revenue generated by Enviro-Master was $839,174*, with a median of $754,852*​​.
  • By 2020, the average gross revenue generated by our franchise partners rose to $1,273,671*, with a median gross revenue of $1,069,423*​​.
  • The average gross revenue generated by Enviro-Master franchises surpassed $1.25M* in 2021, with a median gross revenue of $1,073,907*.

These numbers* indicate a steady and significant growth that Enviro-Master is making in the commercial cleaning sector. (Franchise Chatter)

Ready to Take the Leap? Make Enviro-Master Your Partner in Success

If you are thinking about how to start a disinfecting business and how to make it successful – you need a comprehensive support system, a scalable business model, and a lucrative niche market. With Enviro-Master, you get everything in place to give your venture a perfect head start.

You can join us as a franchise owner with a franchise fee as low as $50,000 + the investment amount. We can also help you secure financing via third-party lenders so you can fulfill your dream of owning a business. 

For more details about how to become our franchise partner, fill out this detailed inquiry form carefully. Or you can dial 704-755-5356, and one of our professional reps will address your concerns. 

The commercial cleaning service market is anticipated to surpass USD 276 billion by 2028, so it is the right time to own a disinfection franchise and start your business. 

*This information appears in Item 19 of our 2022 and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Your results may differ, there is no assurance you will do as well.

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