A Commercial Cleaning Franchise: 7 Business Fundamentals

04 - 08 - 2023
Carson Suppé

Explore the unmatched business opportunity with Enviro-Master®’s commercial cleaning franchise. Dive into a world of specialized disinfection services, proven pathogen reduction, and comprehensive franchisee support.

Key Points

  • Typhoid Mary Case: Highlights the importance of controlling pathogens to prevent disease spread, underscoring the role of commercial cleaning franchises.
  • Beyond Janitorial Work: Enviro-Master® focuses on specialized cleaning services that exceed typical janitorial tasks, aiming for a deeper clean and disinfection.
  • Pathogen Reduction: Demonstrates significant reduction in bacteria and viruses, showing the effectiveness of Enviro-Master’s cleaning methods.
  • Diverse Services: Offers a wide range of cleaning services, catering to various business needs to maintain hygiene and customer satisfaction.
  • Franchise Success Fundamentals: Lists seven key factors contributing to the success and sustainability of an Enviro-Master® franchise.
  • Support for Franchise Owners: Describes the comprehensive support system for franchisees, including lead generation, digital marketing, and personalized coaching.
  • Community and Support: Emphasizes the community-centric approach, treating franchise owners as family members, ensuring a supportive environment.

It is said that Mary Mallon, a.k.a. “Typhoid Mary,” infected at least 122 people with the bacterium known to cause Typhoid Fever in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, causing at least five deaths. As a healthy carrier of the bacterium, Mary never contracted the disease but was quarantined for over 25 years. Over the past few years, we’ve learned how quickly viruses and other contagions can quickly get out of hand. A commercial cleaning franchise is so important in today’s society. Protect public health against harmful viruses and bacteria by seeking a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity that is right for you.

We Are Not Janitors!

It’s important to understand that Enviro-Master® does not provide stereotypical janitorial services. And if you like your janitors… you can keep them. Enviro-Master’s® health and safety technicians provide services that go far beyond simply sweeping, trash removal, and “mop and bucket” floor cleaning. As a commercial cleaning business, our services can significantly enhance ordinary janitorial services with a weekly, detail-oriented commercial cleaning routine that surpasses the focus of a janitor. 

  •   Our technicians use high-grade cleaners to treat and disinfect common area surfaces.
  •   Electrostatic sprayers keep germs and bacteria from building up on surfaces.
  •   Shared contact areas are kept clean for longer periods.
  •   With regular Enviro-Master® cleaning services, the janitorial staff (or internal employees doing routine spot-checks) will eliminate odors, germs, bacteria, and harmful viruses commonly found in specific areas and locations.

In a nutshell… We Kill, We Clean, and We Protect.

It’s a Bug-Eat-Bug Kind of World

There’s no denying that we live on a hostile, dirty planet. According to National Geographic, there are more individual viruses than stars in the universe. Don’t freak out, though, because only about 219 of them are known to be dangerous to humans. Additionally, there are about 30,000 known bacteria, but less than 1% of those causing harm to us humans.

That said, over 500 known microscopic, single-celled critters are out to get us, and the ones that can be deadly. Scared yet? Don’t be, because evidence proves that services performed by Enviro-Master commercial cleaning franchises result in proven pathogen reduction and increased safety.

  • 95% – 99% reduction in bacteria compared to standard cleaning services
  • 90% fewer bacteria on surfaces up to 7 days later
  • 47 known viruses killed
  • The cleaning process leaves surfaces safe for humans and food preparation
  • Services drastically reduce common infection transmission rates

Businesses Know That Consumers Like a Clean Space

In addition to keeping employees and staff safe in a work environment, a commercial cleaning franchise helps create a clean, inviting, and germ-free space for customers. Restaurant owners know this. Fitness center owners know this. Office building owners know this. Retail business owners know this. That’s why our commercial cleaning franchise offers various popular and effective services.

  • Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service to remove buildup between grout lines and other surfaces
  • Restroom & Hygiene Service to reduce bacteria and viruses and keep odors down
  • Drain Treatment Service to eliminate grease and odor from pipes
  • Hand Hygiene Program for maintaining hand sanitation locations
  • Paper Management Program to reduce inventory and waste
  • Power Washing Service to enhance curb appeal, facility cleanliness, and safety
  • Commercial Window Cleaning to remove oxidation, lime scale, and other contaminants
  • Electrostatic Spraying Service to create a food-safe shield against germs

Seven Unique Fundamentals Designed For Success

Every Enviro-Master commercial cleaning franchise is modeled around seven fundamentals essential to our franchise owners’ success. These key components are why our commercial cleaning franchises establish a sustainable and long-term business.

  • Recession resistant
  • Scalable business model
  • Recurring revenue
  • Multiple revenue streams from each client
  • Large, identifiable potential client base
  • Little to no competition in each market
  • Cannot be displaced by technology

Commercial Cleaning: We Provide the Support to Help You Grow

Our commercial cleaning franchise owners receive additional support – Support rarely provided by other commercial cleaning franchise systems. We’ll help you get up and running and provide the ongoing support and guidance necessary for continued success and scaled growth in various ways.

Enviro-Master® offers unique support features rarely found in a cleaning franchise system. Our franchise support program is unique in several ways:

  • Lead Generation – Our inside sales department will cold-call to help generate leads and set appointments on your behalf.
  • Digital Marketing – Our digital marketing partners will assist in driving traffic to your website.
  • National Accounts – Do business with some of the top brands in the nation.
  • Administrative Support – We handle the support to free you up to build your business.
  • Personal Business Coach – We take the success of your business personally, so much so that we’ll assign you a personal business coach when you sign your franchise agreement.
  • Sales and Operations Support – You’ll get all the field and sales support you need to grow your business.
  • “Family Gatherings” – We’re in this together. National and regional meetings where you learn about new products get superior training, network with other franchise owners, and celebrate success!

To become an Enviro-Master® commercial cleaning franchise owner means that you’re family! Our welcoming culture and commitment to communications and support are key to our success! 

At Enviro-Master, you’re not just a commercial cleaning franchise owner; you’re family.

It’s a Clean Sweep with an Enviro-Master Commercial Cleaning Franchise

If you’re ready to join the Enviro-Master family and take advantage of our unique commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, let’s talk. To learn more and get started, request a free Industry Outlook booklet by filling out the inquiry form on our website, or call us at 704-755-5356.

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