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Commercial Cleaning Franchise

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    An award-winning commercial health and safety company

    As we hope you’ve read already, Enviro-Master® is not a janitorial service. In fact, it was never our intention to replace them.

    In most cases, we complement them with our award-winning, specialized cleaning and sanitizing services. Each week, tens of thousands of commercial business owners across North America choose Enviro-Master® to provide focused, deep-cleaning techniques and products to protect their businesses’ brand and storefront patrons against hazardous bacteria, viruses, and germs.

    We do all this through our commercial cleaning franchise model, and so successfully that we’re a six-time member of the Inc. 5000, something only 4% of the companies on the list have ever accomplished.

    What industries do we serve?

    As one of the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise companies, it is our daily mission to rid our clients’ facilities of any bacteria, germs, pathogens, and infectious diseases at the locations we service.

    The clients we serve are primarily within the following industries:

    • Automotive
    • Distribution Centers
    • Government
    • Gyms & Fitness Centers
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Retail
    • Schools & Daycare
    • Stadiums & Arenas

    A focus on culture

    A commitment to core values

    At Enviro-Master®,  you’re in business for yourself but you’re never by yourself. Ask anyone at our Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters – they’ll tell you we strive each day to serve each other and create a people-first culture.

    Together, we ensure a collaborative and positive work environment demonstrating exemplary customer service to our franchisees so that they can achieve 5X growth in 5 years.

    At Enviro-Master® people come first

    Our core values are driven by a commitment to quality customer service, protecting our clients’ businesses, and serving our community as health and safety experts.

    Customer Service

    Providing quality customer service, consistent performance, and an affordable, standardized health and safety program for our clients.


    Protecting clients and their businesses by helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases is the top priority.


    Enviro-Master® is committed to serving clients and the community as an advocate for health and safety.

    Meet Enviro-Master® CEO:
    Tod F. Bierling

    Tod Bierling has been a leader in the commercial cleaning industry for almost 25 years. He joined Enviro-Master® in 2015 following a long tenure with Swisher Hygiene, a pioneering provider of essential cleaning services and chemicals.

    It was at Swisher that Tod first learned how to operate and grow a franchise, as his family purchased and quickly grew the company’s Tallahassee, Florida franchise to become one of the largest operators in Swisher’s international network.

    After the sale of Swisher Hygiene, Tod was asked to stay within the organization and assumed the role of Vice President of Sales Training, where he played a critical role in the company’s acquisition of over 160 hygiene and chemical businesses and managed over 1,000 field sales and service employees.

    Tod joined Enviro-Master® in September of 2015 as Senior Vice President of Sales, was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2018 and then to President and Chief Operating Officer in 2021. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2023.

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